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Keep your property secure with rekeying & master key systems.

Keeping your property safe and secure is one of the top concerns of home and commercial business owners. The first step in ensuring security is a simple one: have a quality lock and use it! If you have been thinking about your own security, particularly if you have a property with many locks, you may want to have a master key system. Here at Guardian Lock and Security, we want to help you with our rekeying & master key systems in the Huntersville, North Carolina area.

Rekeying & Master Key Systems in Huntersville, North Carolina

Our rekeying & master key systems enable us to utilize your existing locks while also giving you a safe and secure option. Rekeying a lock means that we can change the mechanism of your existing lock so that the previous keys will no longer work. That means that any old keys that might have been given out will not be effective in opening the lock, and that new keys will need to be made that will work with the new locking mechanism.

Because we are changing the locking mechanism, we are able to create a master key system. This means that we can alter all the locks to allow them to be opened with one key known as the master key. By completing this service, we can give residential and commercial property owners the control and security they desire.

If you have questions about rekeying & master key systems, we want to talk more with you. For answers to your questions, please contact us today.

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