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Keep your vehicle accessible with key programming services.

Keys used to be far simpler. With just a couple of tines on a long rod, a key could be used to unlock a variety of different things. Car keys were very similar in concept to house keys for a long time. All you needed to do was put the key in the door to open the car and then put it in the ignition to start the car. But over time, cars have adapted to utilize better safety and security features, and one of the first things to go were those simple keys that could be easily copied. Now, many cars require key fobs that connect to your vehicle and allow remote locking, unlocking and even starting. Creating keys that work with these onboard computers in your vehicle is not easy, but our team at Guardian Lock and Security is here to help with our key programming services.

Key Programming Services in Huntersville, North Carolina

Our key programming services enable us to help you create spare keys or new keys for almost every type, make, and model of vehicle. Our key programming services are especially valuable for those who have lost their key fob or electronic keys and do not have a spare. In instances like these, we are able to take a blank key with a clean microchip and use specialized tools of the locksmith trade to program it to work with your vehicle. This ensures that not even a lost key will keep you off the road and away from your daily errands for very long.

If you need help with your keys in the Huntersville, North Carolina area, our team is able to assist you with key programming services. For more information, please contact us today.

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