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We provide reliable and efficient car key replacement services for vehicles.

Car keys tools that have evolved greatly over the years. What was once a simple metal key system is now more often a complicated electronic device. This has made car key replacement a much more technical service that requires specialized training and equipment. With this advanced technology, many vehicle owners believe their only option is to work with the car dealer, which can often result in a costly transaction. We wanted to provide vehicle owners with a more economical and accessible solution. Here at Guardian Lock and Security, we can help you with any automotive locksmith services you may need, including car key replacement.

Car Key Replacement in Huntersville, North Carolina

Our team has invested in the advanced equipment needed to provide vehicle owners with car key replacement for nearly all vehicles. Whether your vehicle is an old classic with a traditional key or a brand-new vehicle with a computerized key, we are the team to call.  We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and will do all we can to help you keep your car secure but accessible. Our company is completely licensed and insured and has been screened and approved by HomeAdvisor and Thumbtack.

If you have a key that is no longer working, our team can help you determine what the problem is and then provide you with either car key repair or replacement. Our equipment and carful training allow us to do this in an efficient manner, saving you time and preventing unnecessary stress.

To learn more about our car key replacement and other automotive locksmith services, give us a call today.

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