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Our auto locksmiths can provide a variety of services for any residential or commercial needs.

When you think about an auto locksmith, you probably think about locking your keys in the car or replacing a lost key. But we provide many more helpful services to customers like you. Here are a few services an auto locksmith can provide.

Auto Locksmith in Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Remove Broken Keys from Locks. If your car key snaps in your lock or ignition, we can remove the broken piece. If you try to extract it yourself, you risk pushing the broken key in further or causing extra damage. When you call us, we can usually quickly remove the piece without causing any extra problems.
  • Replace Your Ignition Cylinder. We can fix or replace car ignition systems for most vehicles if they are not working. We may need to order specific parts made for your car, but when they arrive, we can complete the entire project for you.
  • Replace Locks on Your Cars. Sometimes just replacing a key is not the best solution. If you need to replace broken or unresponsive locks on your cars, we can help.
  • Program or Replace Key Fobs. If you have problems with your key fob not responding to commands or not connecting to your car, we can program or replace key fobs for most vehicles.
  • Replace Lost Keys. We can replace keys for most vehicles, even if you don’t have the original. If you fear that your key was stolen, we can program your new key in a way that will not allow your old key to work in your car.
  • Unlocking Car Doors. If you cannot get into your car because of a lost or locked-in key, we can come and unlock your car door using tools or code reprogramming.

When you need an auto locksmith in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are here to help you. At Guardian Lock and Security our experienced locksmiths are ready to help you, so give us a call today.

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