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Our technicians can take care of the keypad services you need at your commercial building.

Finding the right combination of security devices and systems for your commercial structure can be a challenge. Some commercial building owners and property managers worry about the security of their structures, which can be a real concern when the structures house valuable items or could be targeted by thieves. Access control is often a key component of a solid commercial security plan, and it’s an area that we specialize in at Guardian Lock and Security. Limiting access to the building ensures that only authorized personnel can get into and out of the space.

Keypad Services in Charlotte, North Carolina

One of the options we offer to our commercial clients is keypad services. A keypad is an excellent tool for access control, as it is only accessible to those who have been given the code. This type of system can be set up with a multi-digit keycode, and it’s fairly straightforward to change the code if someone has it who no longer needs access to the facility. Our technicians can take care of the keypad services you need at your commercial building. We use high-quality keypads and locking devices from leading brands in the security industry to ensure that your facility is properly secured and protected.

In addition to using high-quality products, we always take the time to deliver excellent workmanship on every job we tackle. Our technicians arrive in uniform and in clearly marked vehicles to show that we are professionals who you can trust to handle your security needs in Charlotte, North Carolina. For more information about our keypad services, contact us today.

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