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Our team can install alarmed exit devices when needed in your commercial facility.

When you’re responsible for a commercial facility, you know the importance of security systems and devices. The usage of the facility will dictate the level of security needed, and some commercial buildings have more significant measures in place to protect the items and people inside. In some situations, certain doors cannot be used for coming and going. If this applies to your facility, you may be looking for a way to prevent people from accessing and using those doors without approval to do so. Alarmed exit devices are among the most effective solutions in this situation.

Alarmed Exit Devices in Charlotte, North Carolina

Alarmed exit devices are designed for areas when a standalone alarm is needed on an outward swinging door. If the door is opened, the alarm will sound, alerting those in the building of a potential emergency. The most common use for an alarmed exit device is on an emergency exit door, which should not be used unless there is an emergency that requires it. Our team at Guardian Lock and Security can install alarmed exit devices when needed in your commercial facility. We work with clients located in and near Charlotte, North Carolina to provide this device, as well as other commercial locksmith services.

When installing alarmed exit devices, we use high-quality products from leading brands in the security industry. We want to make sure that the device we place on your door will function properly and alert you to the unauthorized use of an emergency exit door. For more information about this device or any other locksmith services and systems, give us a call.

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